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VFX Project Directory

This page will give you a run-down of the top-level project directory for VFX projects and the sub-folders within.


Here is a zip file containing the basic folders that you can download and experiment with:

Windows 10 Path Length Limitation

If you are using Windows 10, you’ll find that there is a default 256 character path limitation. For the directory structure below, you’ll need more than 256 characters, so you’ll be able to enable long path names by doing the following:

Top Level Folders

All projects will live under the following directory path: …/CAVE/project/<PROJECT_NAME>

For example:

  • …/CAVE/project/TOTRS/
  • …/CAVE/project/OWT/

Please note, the top level project directory shold be capitalised (I do need to update some of the diagrams to reflect this).

Each project will contain the following top level folders to ensure referencing of data is easily maintained and managed throughout the project:

  • asset: this directory will hold all asset related data (models, textures, rigs, etc.)
  • development: for story scripts, visual development, dtoryboards and animatics. Please note, this is not for RnD development.
  • general: for general and shared data, such as logos.
  • IO: for all incoming data (client, onset, etc.) and outgoing data (data to be presented back to the client)
  • pipeline: for tool scripts, colour info, pipeline tools, etc. Everything to keep the projects running in order.
  • rnd: for any development work and testing.
  • sequence: this directory will hold all sequence and shot related data (cameratracks, layout, animation, lighting, etc.). If episodes are required,  please see diagram 2 below for a breakdown on how they should be managed.

TV/Episode Directory

If you are working on a TV show or anything that is episodic, then the addition of an /episode/<episodeName>/ directory should be added before the sequence. For example:





Moving On

  • VFX Asset Directory: Here you will find information on where we store asset data, both published and wip files.

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