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Submitting your work for review to CAVE courses

This page will guide you through the steps to submit your work to CAVE courses for review.

Submitting your work for review

Submitting to CAVE courses is fairly straightforward. At this stage, you should have a Shotgun account that has been created for you.

Start by heading over to the lesson assignment that you’d like to submit your work for. Make sure to check the date and then click on the SUBMIT TO ASSIGNMENT button.

This should take you to the Shotgun CAVE homepage (, where you’ll need to log in. From there, you should be directed to the Shotgun playlist for the session.

Click on the Add Version button to then upload your work for review.

When submitting your work, please follow the guidelines as outlined here and follow the correct file naming conventions:

When ready, hit Create Version and that’s it. You should then see your submission in the playlist.

That’s it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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