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Introduction to Animation Course

This FREE training course will get you up and running with 3D animation.

Introduction to Animation Course sections:

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  1. saif agha on 2024.02.25 at 13:20 GMT

    Hello I’m a second year student in artfx. I’m studying 3d animation and I am interested in taking this course

    • Jahirul Amin on 2024.02.25 at 13:39 GMT

      Hi Saif,

      This is a free self-study course, so you are more than welcome to work through it. If you did want any feedback on any of the lessons, feel free to pop your question/work on our ‘animation’ Discord channel here:


  2. Ben on 2024.02.25 at 23:03 GMT

    Hi Jahirul, I can’t seem to see a link to the course (viewing this on iPhone currently).


    • Jahirul Amin on 2024.02.25 at 23:18 GMT

      Hi Ben,

      The lessons are all on this wiki page (01 to 07). I’ve checked the page on my phone and I can view the pages but if you are having issues, I suggest checking on a desktop computer. If you still have issues, you’ll need to send me an image of what you are seeing ([email protected]).


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