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TCP.S01D02. Underwater Shoot Kit

For devlog #2, we'll turn our attention to the underwater onset kit we'll be looking to use for the shoot and discuss the importance of 'experience'.


Experience is the best reference!

In devlog #2 for The Connection Programme, we take a look at the planned underwater onset shoot kit that we’ll be looking to use on the project. The aim is to capture as much photographic, video and audio as possible, along with sketches, notes and interviews with the local team and community, which is supported by the wonderful team at Haiti Ocean Project.

Now you may be asking:

Can’t you find much of this data readily available in books, documentaries or online?

Which brings us to one of the main reasons for going onset, and that is to capture an EXPERIENCE.

The feeling of the ocean, the sound, the smell, the heat, the motion, the moment. That and more is to be the big takeaway.

In order to have an audience connect with the project, to have them respond emotionally, we are going to have to live it and then later on, our challenge will be to communicate the experience with the audience! This project is not about matching a photo or a video. It is about capturing and sharing a moment!

Underwater Shoot Kit Overview

In this video, we take a look at the underwater shoot kit we’ll be looking to take with us for the shoot. Please note, we may add a few more bits of kit here and there.

Shooting with the GoPro and Insta 360 XR Results

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the results from shooting with the GoPro and Insta 360 XR, whilst wandering the streets and bridges of London.

What we Aim to Capture

For this shoot, the aim is to capture as much reference as possible and all via one individual (Jahirul Amin). So we’ll be looking to “travel light” (but without the need to hunt Orc)! In time, we’ll gather more info regarding the shoot location but in terms of the data we’ll be looking to capture, it will be along the lines of:

  • video reference of the species (sharks, turtles, etc.) both under and above water (where possible)
  • stills images of the species (sharks, turtles, etc.) both under and above water (where possible)
  • video reference of the underwater environment
  • HDRI panoramas of the environment (above water)
  • HDRI lighting reference of the environment (above water)
  • grey, chrome and colour reference (both above and below water)
  • geometry reference of the environment (above water)
  • aeriel reference of the environment (to be confirmed)
  • general notes and diagrams
  • conversations with marine biologist
  • conversations with the local community

Later on, we’ll cover in more detail, the on-land shoot kit.

Underwater Shoot Kit Summary

..and here is a breakdown of the kit:

GoPro and Insta360 X3 Shoot Tests

Here is a video of me waffling as I test the GoPro in London:

…and some more waffling as I test the Insta360 X3:

In Conversation with Dan Gilligan

We had a great conversation with Onset Supervisor, Dan Gilligan about underwater shooting. Here is a wee snippet from the session, and to catch the full recording, make sure to sign up to the programme:

Haiti Ocean Project

For Season 01, 100% of all proceeds generated will be donated to Haiti Ocean Project and the amazing work they do to support the ocean and marine conservation.

The primary mission of Haiti Ocean Project is the conservation and protection of high-profile marine life such as marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays through education of youth, research and data collection, community awareness, public policy and ecotourism.

HOP is also a leading actor in advocacy between Haiti and the world, to influence communities, fishermen, youth, policies, structures and systems in order to bring about change in the way marine species are viewed in Haiti and persuading all stakeholders to act in more just and equitable ways toward them. At the core, it is about building relationships. It is about tackling the root causes of poverty which endangers the marine species and promoting their protection in Haiti.

The Connection Programme

If you are a fan of mixing science with art, or maths with creative thinking, then join our Connection Programme, where we’ll be exploring VFX, animation and games from the core fundamentals:

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